“Betty Shelton recalls the spirit of Ivan Albright… drawing worthy of Mantegna or a Flemish Master…”

William Wilson

“Betty Shelton’s figure paintings are almost irresistibly approachable, their intimate size, redoubling the intimacy of the settings…the light flooding the spaces, usually a warm afternoon light, that gives her images that nostalgic glow.”

Peter Frank

Artist / Teacher / Traveler

Betty Shelton is an accomplished and award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited extensively in the United States. Betty has received numerous painting and drawing awards throughout her career. Most recently she has been a finalist in the Watercolor West International Juried Exhibition. Betty was honored to be chosen as a finalist at the Art Renewal Center Salon, and in the Annual Tapped at the Manifest Gallery. She was selected by John Seed and Dee Dee Melendez for the Poets and Artists exhibit at the Arcadia Contemporary Gallery, as well as Women by Women, Depictions and Interpretations by Greater Los Angeles Women, SoLA Contemporary Gallery, curated by Sharon Allicotti and Fatemeh Burnes.

Ms. Shelton has BA, MA and MFA degrees in Drawing and Painting. She has been teaching for years, and has spent the last years teaching at Laguna College of Art and Design. She is currently a Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts, and escorts “Art Lovers” to Europe.

Her metaphorical, realistic figurative paintings are inspired by contemporary culture and yearly pilgrimages to the great museums of the world, during her tours with “Art Lovers.” Currently she is working on commissioned portraits, private lessons, while and maintaining a studio in Laguna Beach.